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Solar Panel Installation Southampton

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We Strive For Alternative Energy

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With the cost of energy prices being so high, what better time to make a future proof investment to lower household energy bills and receive payments for the energy you generate with the Smart Export Guarantee, while taking advantage of the 0% VAT government incentive on solar panels and reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Benefits:

Complete Solar PV System - Battery storage




In order for your solar investment to be 100% effective and prolong the life of your panels, they should be kept clean of dirt and debris.

Cleaning can increase production by 25% and improve your return of investment compared to panels that aren’t cleaned regularly.

K R Electrics and Renewable Solutions can provide one off panel cleans or regular panel cleaning included in our
maintenance contracts.

Why you shouldn’t clean them yourself…


Bird proofing

Birds, especially pigeons can cause extensive damage to your solar panels, both externally through their acidic droppings
and debris and internally, damaging cables and connections, meaning that efficiency is decreased.

It is crucial that the problem is not only removed but also protected to prevent them from returning. At K R Electrics and Renewable Solutions, we provide a cost effective solution to not only clean the panels and roof space, but sanitize and remove nesting before the installation of bird proofing products.

Maintenance Contracts

Available as an additional yearly subscription to all of our customers as well as new customers with existing solar installs looking to get the best from their Solar PV systems.
Solar panel isolated on white background

Although there are no grants available at the moment to support, the government are running a 0% VAT incentive
on solar panels up until 2027 - CLICK HERE to find out more about government incentives.

Usually you do not need planning permission when installing solar panels and batteries as they are normally classed as ‘Permitted Development’, however if the property is a listed building or located within a conservation area it is likely that you may need planning

Your local planning authority would be able to advise you of this further.

Your suitability for solar depends on:

- Your current electricity consumption.

- The pitch, orientation and space available on your roof.

- Any shading and the radiance level.

At K R Electrics and Renewable Solutions we can advise you on the best options, contact us today for more information.

While it's completely your decision whether to have a complete solar PV system with battery storage, there are many perks to doing so which include paying 0% VAT when installing a battery at the same time as having solar panels installed.

Get in contact today to get a tailored quote and discuss your solar options.

K R Electrics and Renewable solutions are willing to help with fault finding. Get in contact today.

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